Book Review: Mr. Waldorf Travels to the Great State of Texas by Beth Ann Stifflemire & Barbara Terry

Mr. Waldorf is such an adorable character! The book focuses on him trying to find his glasses while traveling the state of Texas. As he moves from city to city, there is a map of his journey. I loved the illustrations included and the writing would very easy for young children to be able to […]

The Diva Rules

Review: The Diva Rules by Michelle Visage

Michelle Visage, enough said, I absolutely love her! The first time I had heard of her was when I watched my first episode of RuPual’s Drag Race. She is the outspoken tell you how it is, not tee no shade no pink lemonade, judge. Her book is no different. I absolutely loved that Michelle Visage’s […]

Back to College I Go, Fall 2016! - Social Media

Back to College I Go, Fall 2016!

I have always had a love/hate relationship when it comes to going back to school. I love learning new things and most of the time I enjoy my classes. But its pulls me away from my reading and also I am always nervous meeting new people. Luckily, this semester all of my classes are online […]

Why I Switched From iCloud to Dropbox - Social Media

Why I Switched From iCloud to Dropbox

I am huge Apple fan, I think everyone knows it already. If not, you do now. I mean I have an iPhone, Macbook Air, and even iPad. I also use a majority of their services like photos and even iCloud Drive (well used to). So you may be asking yourself if you’re such an avid […]

My Current Top 10 iPhone Apps - Social Media

My Current Top 10 iPhone Apps

I have always had an obsession of all things technology, so why would apps be any different? Currently, on my iPhone, I have 149 apps and trust me I have had more than that before. So I am going to pick my top 10 iPhone apps, this list will not include any apps that come […]

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